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Single Parents Day – March 21

Did you know? Single Parents Day is March 21st
Single Parents are special. March 21 is a day of recognition just to honor you for all the hard work you do for your family. A day to say Thank You for all you do for your children. You’re right up there with Presidents,Veterans and Jesus Christ. They have their special day, too.


Single Parents – Read Before You Marry Again


In marrying another person, they are also marrying your entire family.

Step-family relationships take time to develop, up to five years or more.  Some never do develop.

Love relationships don’t always develop between step-parents and step-children.

Coming together as a step-family is a slow and steady process.  Absolutely no quick fixes here.

The remarriage divorce rate is 60%.  Wow!  Don’t ignore this fact.

Get pre-marital counseling to educate you about step-family life and the struggles you are likely to experience.

* Before deciding to marry again, you and your “maybe future spouse” (step-parent to your children) both must read “The Smart Step-Family” by Ron L. Deal  

A MUST READ!  Gotta do!  Can’t skip!  It’s that important!  Do I make my point?

Keep in mind that real step-family life begins with marriage, not dating.

Your love relationship with your new mate will be the weakest link in your new step-family household.

Many, many adjustments have to be made by everyone: parents, step-parents, children, step-children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, neighbors and others.  Even in the best of situations.

Some things that must be negotiated, changed, adapted, worked out:

  • Family traditions
  • Holidays
  • Family rules
  • Living location
  • Family budget
  • Vacations

 Before marrying again talk with severalstep-parents.

 “No matter how desperately you want your stepfamily to be like biological families, it is not.”

                                                                                                Ron L. Deal

Adjust Your Sails

Difficult times and tragedies produce change in your life. Change not only in your life, but in the lives of those around you. Adjustment to what has happened come hand and hand with change. How well you adjust will determine how well you come out of your bad times. Adjusting can be hard work. Adjusting takes time. Adjusting is a must in your recovery. If you have trouble adjusting you will have a tough time with your new life. When change comes into your life, you must adjust to it positively, in order to put your life together, again.

“We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.”
Dolly Parton


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