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Climb Your Single Parent Mountain

Single parents never give up on your single parent journey. It’s like climbing a mountain, it’s rough! Never stop learning how to single parent. You should read books, attend parenting classes, check out blogs, YouTube videos, websites, conferences and seminars for single parents. They say just reading 3 books will make you an expert on any subject.

climb your mountain


Your Step-Family’s Spaceships

Coming together as a step-family is a slow and steady process.  Everyone in your family is on a different time schedule. Think of it as you and your spouse or potential spouse as being in your own spaceship together. Each of your children is in their own individual spaceship. You and your mate take off into space and are own your own trajectory.  Each child takes off after you on their own time schedule and their own trajectory. Each child will dock with you at different times. Some may never dock with you. Absolutely no quick fixes here.

retro rocket

The Crockpot & Step-Families

Coming together as a step-family is a slow and steady process.  Everyone in your family is probably not on the same page. Think of it as cooking with a crock pot. The longer you cook, the better the food tastes. It may take up to 5 years for your step-family to come together. Some may never come together. Absolutely no quick fixes here.


Worth Remembering About Step-Families

60% of all step-family marriages end in divorce. 70% of all third marriages end in divorce.  These numbers can be significantly turned around to 60 to 70% successful marriages if you read books on step-family marriage and talk with step-family couples with successful marriages.

Whitewater Stepfamilies

Children Suffer When…

Children suffer significantly when a parent dies or their parent’s separate or divorce.  It’s traumatic to the children.  You must consider your children in any decisions you make concerning your marriage.

Three children playing

Why do I want to date?

Rate in order of importance: 1   2  3   4   5   6    7

____  Just for fun.

____  I need someone to love me again.

____  I want a parent for my children.

____  I need someone to run my life.

____  Socially—to have a date to go out with.

____  Adult conversation—take a break from the kids.

____   Other _______________depositphotos_6304017-Dating-word-in-letterpress-type____________

Where can single parents go to meet other singles?

Church, small groups, Sunday School, choir

Single parent support groups

Internet dating services (Example: eHarmony)

Through friends

Events for singles

Single retreats

Groups that share your interests

Sports activities you participate in

Your children’s events and activities

Other __________________________


What would you do?

Frank is a single dad to two year old Heather and four year old Jerry.  He was married to Joan for four and a half years.  Frank and Joan married in college and immediately gave birth to Jerry during their last semester in college.  Two years later along came Heather.  Times were tough due to their immaturity and lack of finances.  They have continually fought with each other throughout their marriage.  Joan moved out six months ago and has filed for divorce.  The children still live with Frank.  She is living in a small apartment near Frank’s apartment so she can be near the children.  They are in the middle of a bad divorce.  They are having a hard time being near each other without arguing, especially in front of the children.  One thing they do agree on is that they love their children, Heather and Jerry very much.  They want only the best for their children.  If Frank or Joan came to you as a friend, what advice would you give them?


Key Question about Your Future?

You have been giving it your all.  You are getting pretty good at this single parent life.  You are getting more and more comfortable and proficient at single parenting.  Have you thought much about your future, whether you want to remain single or again marry? What do you think about your marriage status in five years?

Wedding question

Single Parents Rally – Biloxi,MS

You’re invited to join James on February 8 & 9 at First Baptist Church, Biloxi, Mississippi for The Single Parents Rally/Conference. Please take a moment and share this video with your single parent friends. And tell about this rally. They will be glad you did. Check this LINK for more information


Super Single Parents Rally


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