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As a Single Parent I Will…

    1.    I will from this day forward let go of the past and live for the future.

2.    I will strive to better my knowledge of parenting and taking care of

myself by reading, studying and seeking guidance from those I trust.

3.    I will make wise decisions now to protect myself and my children.

4.   I will take care of myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

5.   I will be a strong role model for my children.

6.   I will love my children no matter what happens.

7.   I will encourage, praise, respect, be truthful to, apologize to when I’m wrong and   answer questions in all matters with my children.

8.   I will think “long term” in my decision making in matters that affect

myself and my children.

9.   I will make a plan for my future with specific goals, write them down and remain committed to implementing them.

10. I will put my trust in God Almighty to lead, direct and care for me and

my family. 

   _________________________________                _________________

                                    Signed                                                                         Date

Pledge - Single Parents


Do I Marry?

You’ve never been married or you once were married and you are trying to decide whether to remain single for the rest of your life or to tie-the-knot at sometime in the future.  Nothing says you have to change.  You’ve done good so far.  Here are some reasons to stay a single parent.

  • God says it’s OK.
  • My children think it’s OK.
  • I think it’s OK.
  • I am satisfied and content with my life going solo.

Only MARRIAGE when Mister or Miss “Just Right” comes along!  Only for love! Only with someone who is a special person! Only with someone who will love you with all their heart! Only with someone who will love your children as their own! Only with the blessings of your children! It’s a family decision…

marriage rings

Have You Answered Their Questions?

Your children are probably confused, hurt, feel a little bit abandoned and are full of unanswered questions.  They are in need of a little extra tender loving care with all that’s been going on lately.  Have you sat down with them and answered some of their questions face to face?  What do you want to tell them?


Men’s Conference – First Baptist Church Jackson,MS

This coming weekend…..
ATTENTION: Men, husbands, fathers, sons, grandfathers, & single parent dads who live in the Jackson, Mississippi area. You absolutely want to know about the upcoming Men’s Conference on Friday, April 19 – 6:00PM-9:00PM & Saturday, April 20 – 9:00AM-12:00PM. Sponsored by First Baptist Church Jackson. Cost:$10 –  Box supper is provided with admission. Speaker: Voddie Baucham  You can Register online at www.fbcj.org  For questions call Don Waller at 601-946-1290

Voddie Baucham

Get a Budget / Spending Plan and Use It!

A budget is really just another name for a spending plan.  Cardinal Rule: Live on less than you make.  Learn to say “NO” to spending unnecessarily.  Check out resources by Dave Ramsey.  Which of these have you done?

  • Put my budget (spending plan) on paper.
  • Determined all my income and income possibilities.
  • Determined my immediate, day-to-day, gotta-have needs.
  • Determined my long term needs.
  • Determined any surprises.
  • Determined my want or wish list (only when the budget allows).
  • Actually using my budget / spending plan.
  • Tweaking my budget / spending plan.Dollar Puzzle

Prayer—Just You and God

Father, Thank you for loving me! I don’t ever seem to have enough time to accomplish all that I must do.  Teach me to use my time wisely. I also struggle with money issues.  Show me how to be wise with the money that I do possess. Show me what is really important and necessary in my life.  Show me what my needs really are.  Remind me to take care of myself. I also need help with ______________. Thank you for caring for me.  In Jesus’ name I Thank You.  Amen



Quote From a Concerned Single Mom

“My greatest challenge has been my most important lesson for single moms. It has been overcoming my anger and bitterness towards my son’s father. Only after I forgave my son’s dad and moved on in my life was I able to objectively guide my son through his own lingering questions about his dad’s absence, as well as face the difficulties and challenges in his relationship with his father.”         Quote from a concerned single mom


Divorce & Separation – You’re Ex

Tell the truth to your children in love about your “Now” relationship with your Ex.  You don’t have to give all the details. Make your talk age specific. Your kids are looking to you for direction on how to act in their changed situation.  They are always watching you and listening to you.  Your ex is still your children’s parent.  No one wins when you fight.  You must forgive in such a way that your children learn the lesson of true forgiveness.  Show them how to move past anger and bitterness.  If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything.  How is your relationship with your ex right now?  How can you improve your relationship with your ex-spouse?

Split Picture

Chores—Shared, You & Your Children

Your children need to know that they are a needed and vital part of your family.  It takes

everyone— you included, no matter their age, pitching in to make your family work now.  Here are some chores for you to decide who’s responsibility it is to do that particular job.  You can switch up chores on a weekly or monthly schedule.

CHORE                                  CHILD

Set eating table    ________________________________

Take trash out   _________________________________

Take care of pet  ________________________________

Help with school lunches   ________________________

Wash dishes  ___________________________________


Two Homes—Sharing Your Children

Make your children feel at home where-ever they are.  Make each parent’s residence feel like “home” to your children.  Adjusting from home to home can cause confusion in your children’s minds.


  • Keep necessary things at both homes for the kids comfort. Example: toothpaste, brush, toys, etc.
  • Make responsibilities and chores fair at both homes.
  • Establish similar bedtimes at both homes.
  • Always allow the children to call their other parent.  Keep the phone lines open.
  • Give each child a calendar and highlight the days they will spend with you.
  • Try to keep similar house rules at each home.  Don’t confuse the children.
  • Set up a schedule for when the children stay at each home and stick to it.
  • Try to stay consistent when it comes to the children’s schedules.
  • Make sure both homes receive the same information such as announcements & report cards.
  • It takes one to three days for your kids to settle down into a routine once they change homes.
  • Schedule some one-on-one time with each child while you are together. Make them feel wanted.draw houses

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