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Prayer – For Families in Difficult Times

Father, Thank you for caring for me and my family!  We desire that when we are going through difficult times or tragedy that we would realize that you wish for us to come closer to you, not move further away from you.  That we would indeed draw closer to you, dear God!  We pray that we will allow you to wrap your loving arms around us.  To give us not only the comfort and strength that we need in these times, but that you will guide us in the proper direction as we seek to find new meaning and purpose in our altered lives. That we will not forget the good that has come into our lives and that we will remember that you will never hurt us.  We pray that you will love and heal us.  We praise your mighty name.  In Jesus’ name we Thank You. Amen



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One thought on “Prayer – For Families in Difficult Times

  1. James

    Would you be open to having our prayer posted on our site, http://www.prayerideas.org? Of course it would be fully credited to you.


    > John Roland > C 404-545-8756 > LINKEDIN profile > http://www.linkedin.com/in/johnaroland

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