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God chooses what we go through. We choose how we go through it.

Adjusting as a Single Parent

As a single parent your life has changed, drastically.  You must adjust to your new circumstances.

Adjusting takes TIME.

Adjusting takes COURAGE.

To adjust is an ongoing process for the rest of your life.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

You must adjust and move on with the things in your life.

Your children must adjust and move on with the things in their lives.

It takes 3 weeks to change a habit.

It takes 6 weeks to feel comfortable about a change in habit.

Adjusting must now be a part of your everyday life.

A flexible tree will weather a storm, while a rigid tree will split and fall.

CHANGE – just another word for adjusting.

Adjusting is a verb.  It requires Action.

Start slowly – One step at a time – You can do it – But you first have to start…

“The only constant in life, is change.”

Get used to it.

 “One of the most difficult things everyone has to learn is that for your entire life you must keep fighting and adjusting if you hope to survive. No matter who you are or what your position is you must keep fighting for whatever it is you desire to achieve.” George Allen




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