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God chooses what we go through. We choose how we go through it.

Words from James

I was forty years old when I became a single-dad parent after my wife died in an automobile accident.  I raised my three children by myself for over fifteen years until marrying again and becoming a step-family.

I raised my children on practically nothing.  We made it, and so can you.

I never had enough money, my children survived without a lot of the things (stuff) their friends had.  My children turned out just fine.  Yours will too.

God really did wink on me and my children when we really needed something or some particular thing to happen.  He watched over us.  He will watch over you, too.  Just ask Him!

I did the best I could; then prayed.  Whatever happened after that happened.  I then would go from there and start over again.

My life was a juggling act.  Jugglers drop things, and so did I.  So will you.  No big deal!

I had to learn to zero in on positive answers to our problems and circumstances, not on feeling sorry for our situation.  You’ll come to the same realization.  Life’s a lot easier then.

You’ll never get it, until you can laugh at yourself.

I made it as a single-parent and I promise you will too.

The second most important thing I have learned is to LOVE your children and those around you with all you have.

The most important thing I have learned; I learned to lean on, trust and praise God for all that was happening in our lives.  I can’t imagine going through what we went through without God at our sides.

I can’t imagine you and your children going through what you are going through without God at your sides.

“When I am old and gray, judge me as a father

by the number of  times I said,

“I love you,” and how often I was able to say, “I’m sorry.”                                                                                                                                                                                Richard Zmuda



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