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You need one, two, three, four or maybe even five babysitters.  Good babysitters are hard to find.

Babysitters need to fit into your schedule – not you into the babysitter’s schedule.

Be sure your babysitter is old enough and mature enough to adequately take proper care of your children.

BabysittersSchedule in advance for a babysitter.  This means several days to weeks in advance.

Don’t allow your babysitter to bring along a friend to help baby-sit without your permission.

Always know your babysitter’s cell phone number, in case she and the children are outside and can’t hear the inside phone.

Never let the babysitter take your children away from your home without your previous knowledge and approval.

Always meet your babysitter several days in advance of the time they will baby-sit for you and get to know them.

Get references from your babysitter and call and check out the reference.

Always tell your babysitter your cell phone number, how long you will be gone and where you will be.

Make sure you have a list of emergency phone numbers by your phone.  If the babysitter is going to leave your home, be sure she knows to take the emergency list with her.  It won’t do them any good if the list is at home and an emergency happens away from your home.

Give the babysitter a second contact person’s phone number in case they have a problem getting in touch with you.

Tell the babysitter the rules of your household.

Never allow the babysitter to smoke or drink while babysitting.

Important!  Remember, the well being and safety of your children is in the hands of the person you choose as their sitter.

“Parents should watch what their children watch

and not use TV as a babysitter.”                                                                                              Bill Bixby


“A baby-sitter is a teenager acting like an adult

 while the adults are out acting like teenagers”



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One thought on “Babysitters

  1. Sometimes, it is just difficult to find a reliable sitter for the kids. I’m glad that after 3 different sitters, i finally found someone that i can rely on and the kids just adore her. I enjoyed your post by the way.

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