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God chooses what we go through. We choose how we go through it.

70% of Second Marriages

Divorce can bring out the worst in us but we can also choose to allow it to bring out the best as well. Divorce under the very best of circumstances is extremely hurtful. The wounds were severe and healing can take years. But the divorced, waiting for God’s healing can be in credibly difficult and unfortunately, many people don’t wait. Instead, they find another person to become attached to. Not waiting on God can have devastating consequences. As we look at various to test sticks concerning divorce and remarriage, some show that over 70% of second marriages end in divorce. I feel that the main reason for this is that many people represented by this statistic did not allow enough time for God to do his perfect work of healing. It is a reflex response to attempt quickly as possible to replace someone whom we have lost.

From “Many a Tear Has to Fall” by Wayne Hudson



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