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Keeping a Journal – You’ll Be Surprised

Keeping a journal as a single parent can be one way of helping you keep up with your feelings and how you are progressing over time. You can go back several months later and judge your progress. You’ll be genuinely surprised at what you will learn about yourself once you start to journal regularly over time.

  • Keep a Journal – Both You and Your Children
  • It will help your emotional makeup to keep a journal.
  • Write down your feelings.
  • Find a convenient time to write.
  • Keep it short and sweat.
  • Write in it on a regular basis.  You decide how often. (Daily, at night, before bed works well.)
  • Keep it private.  It’s just for you, and you alone.
  • Help your children to purchase their own journal.
  • Show your children how to keep a journal.
  • Keeping a journal will help their emotional makeup.
  • Date each day’s entry.

“Journal writing is a voyage to the interior.”  Christina Baldwin





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