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After School – Your Children

You need to plan for where your children will be and what they will be doing after school is out – while you are still at work.

You must plan for your children’s after school activities

What will they do – where will they be?

  • Carpool home with a neighbor or friend
  • Go to after school care
  • Go to the YMCA or YWCA or Boys and Girls school
  • Ride the bus home and stay alone, with a sitter or a neighbor
  • Be picked up by grandparents or a relative
  • Church youth activities
  • Have a responsible driving age sitter take children home and stay with them

Have a list for your children (of at least 3 adults) to call in case of an emergency:

  1. You
  2. Their other parent (if they live near by)
  3. Neighbor
  4. Trusted someone else

Plan your work schedule around your children’s after school activities as much as possible.

Plan for an after-school snack for your children.

Always have your children accountable to someone after school.

Older children should only do after school what is talked about the night before.

Always have your children call you at work or on your cell phone when they get home from school.

Set up strict rules for your children to follow until you get home.

Warn your children about strangers.

Teach your children what to do in case of an emergency.

Arrange for an adult neighbor to be on call in case of an emergency.

Show your children where the first-aid kit is and how to use it.


“Your best laid plans can quickly change.

 Always have a BACKUP PLAN.”

                                                                 James Cruise




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