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Dating – Beware of the Rebound

Rushing back into dating sets you up for failure.

Don’t settle for just anyone.  You deserve the best.  He or she is worth waiting for.

You need to check out the field – you can go out with several people, none of them seriously.

Keep it as low-key as you can.

Say NO to a serious relationship at this time.

Say YES to several noncommittal, just for fun outings.

You need time to adjust to your new surroundings.

Keep sex out of the equation.

Many single parents become way too social immediately after becoming single which can lead to poor choices.

Your children are 2 years behind you emotionally, when it comes to wanting a dating relationship.

“Even though the person you’re dating may feel like your life partner, your children may not be ready to share you with them.” Ron L. Deal

“We know storms are inevitable. It’s critical to determine whether the person you’re dating is someone who’s going to lay a firm foundation with you to withstand them.” Ron L. Deal




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One thought on “Dating – Beware of the Rebound

  1. All so very true. Thank you.

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