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Cooking – You and the Kitchen

The more you cook, the better and more confident you will become.  As with anything else…

It’s a learning experience.

Cook healthy – not what your children want.

Cooking is all about planning ahead and having ingredients on hand when they are needed.

Keep a grocery list on the refrigerator.  When you use up something, immediately add it to the grocery list.

Don’t forget to take your grocery list with you to the grocery.  Opps!   It will cost you if you forget it at home.

KISS – Keep it simple stupid.   Don’t get overly fancy with your cooking.  Simple is good enough.

Reorganize your kitchen so you feel comfortable with it and you know where everything is.

Buy what utensils you need.  Buy for function, not looks.

Ask others for their favorite recipes.

A crock pot can be your best friend, it’s easy.

Children like routine in their meals:

  • Monday         Chicken
  • Tuesday        Spaghetti
  • Wednesday Soup
  • Thursday       Casserole
  • Friday                        Pizza night
  • Saturday        Sandwiches
  • Sunday          Eat out after Church

Get your children to help set the table.

Let each child get their own drink.

Get each child to take their own dishes from the table and wash their own dishes.  Their desert depends on this.

Sit down with your children and make out a list together of foods your children like to eat and will eat.

On days when there is just not enough time to cook a full meal, you can have some quick food that you and your children have previously picked out.

kids in kitchen


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