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Scheduling – Keep a Calendar

As a single parent you can’t make it without a calendar – it’s a must have.

You can’t trust your memory; it will fail you at the most important times.

Carry your calendar with you at all times.

Utilize the new technologies such as Microsoft Outlook, the I-Phone and the Blackberry.

A paper spiral monthly calendar will, also, do just fine.

Keep it up to date.

Don’t try to memorize it – you’ll always forget something important.

A day planner is a good idea.

Put all reoccurring dates like birthdays and anniversaries on your calendar.

Don’t forget to list doctor’s appointments, school events and holidays.

A calendar will save you much embarrassment with others and especially your children.

Preparation eliminates a lot of turmoil, sweat, and exasperation!

PLAN, PLAN, PLAN – You can never plan enough.

When things in your life become hectic and begin to fall apart, a good reason why these things are happening is that you needed to do a better job of scheduling.

Make your Planning/Calendar book the second most important book in your life, right behind your Bible.


“If I had eight hours to chop down a tree,

I’d spend six sharpening my axe.”

                                                                                                Abraham Lincoln



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