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Statistics – You Are Not Alone

Thought you were alone?  You’re definitely not alone.  You’re in good company.  Just look around.

As a single parent you’re definitely not alone – not with over 13 million of you out there.  You all face similar challenges.  So take heart!  There’s definitely hope for you.

The following statistics may surprise you.  The number of single mothers increased between 1994 and 2006, from 3 million to 10.4 million; over the same time frame, the number of single fathers increased also, from 393,000 to 2.5 million.  Overall, 33 percent of all children that are under 18 years of age live in families where only one parent resides in the home.

Of children living with one parent:

      • 38% live with a divorced parent
      • 35% live with a never-married parent
      • 19% with a separated parent
      • 4% with a widowed parent
      • 4% with a parent whose spouse lives elsewhere

According to the latest United States Census Bureau, roughly 75 percent of all children in the U.S. will spend at least some time in a single-parent household.  In fact, of the households with children in the United States 69 % are two parent households while 31 % are now single parent households.  Each year the percentage of single parent household’s continues to grow. As you can see single-parent families are a diverse and ever growing segment of our social fabric and not uncommon at all, anymore.

Single parent dad’s account for 1 in every 45 households with children!

Welcome to the gang.

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