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God chooses what we go through. We choose how we go through it.

I Love You Mommy, I Love You Daddy

Your children love you very much.

Much more than you can or will ever understand.

You are the most important person in their lives.

They may not to say it enough, but they do love you, very much.

Yes, your children do love you even though they don’t always show it or act like it.

Make it easy for your children to Love You.

Open your heart to your children and they will open their hearts to you.

Allow yourself to be “Hugged” by your children.


“There are many paths a child can take, right or wrong will remain unknown.  But rest assured that in the end,  they all lead back to home.”

“Times of joy and laughter and those times of tears. The times spent raising a child are surely best of years.”





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