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Good Parent – Bad Parent, Good Cop – Bad Cop, Comforter – Disciplinarian

When you were married you and your spouse could play this ploy with your children.  Not any more… Not as a single parent!

Now that you are a single parent, you now are both good parent and bad parent at the same time.

Realize this and get used to it.

It’s not easy, but it can be done.

Get someone close to you that you trust and that your children respect to help by being either the good cop or the bad cop while you play the other role.

Build up good will with each of your children, in order for you to be able to discipline them successfully.

You must now be both the parent who disciplines and also the parent who comforts.

It is always more important to be the parent rather than your children’s best friend.

Remember, you are your child’s parent, not their best friend.

Read these books:

The One Minute Father by Spencer Johnson, M.D.

The One Minute Mother by Spencer Johnson, M.D.

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