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Cohabitation vs Marriage & Divorce

Since the late 1960’s, the number of couples living together has increased significantly, as this phenomenon was thought to be the answer to obtaining a successful marriage. The theory that couples could “practice” seemed a perfect solution to an increasingly higher divorce rate. “After all,” many argued, “if we live together first, we will really know if we’re compatible.” This is where theory and reality are often not the same. The fact is that the divorce rate is actually higher among couples who live together before marriage. The rate of divorce for those that choose to cohabitate before marriage is about 75%. The rate of divorce for those who do not cohabit is about 50%. Not good numbers for a successful marriage, but much better than those who choose to cohabitate before marriage.

From: Living Together – Myths, Risks & Answers by Mike & Harriet McManus, Cofounders of Marriage Savers

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