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Attend Your Children’s Events and Activities

ATTEND ALL your children’s events and activities THAT YOU CAN.

Your children’s events and activities are “Important” to your children.

Events not to miss:

  • School plays
  • Field trips
  • Parties
  • School projects
  • Team sports
  • Award ceremonies
  • Any other events that the other parents attend

Get involved in your children’s lives through their activities.

Your children translate your attendance and involvement in their activities in direct proportion to how much you care for and love them.


Your child’s worst feelings will be to watch other children with their parent or parents while they stand around by themselves after an event or activity wondering where you are, why you didn’t love them enough to come and be with them.

Ask your work place to give you flex-time so you can attend your child’s events and activities.

This is a “BIG DEAL” to your children.  Let me say it again a “BIG, BIG DEAL” to your children.

   ” In 1950 the time parents spent with their children was 54%, today it is 18%.”






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