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Laundry – It’s a Group Effort

Laundry is not a “just you” as a parent thing. It’s a family thing.

Your children wear clothes – they should also help with their part of washing, drying, folding, hanging and putting away.

Have your children bring their own dirty clothes to the laundry room every day.

Have your children pick up their clean clothes from the laundry room each day after they have been washed and ironed.

Keep up with it every day – don’t let it pile up.

Wash clothes every day.  This keeps washing from becoming overwhelming, and reduces frustration when things your children want to wear are not clean.

Once the dryer stops, Immediately, pull the clothes out and hang up shirts and pants so they won’t have wrinkles.

Hang up as many clothes as possible, put in drawers only those clothes that you can’t hang-up.

Wash only dark clothes together and only whites together.  Never mix darks colors and light colors.

Always wash new colored clothes alone by themselves for the first washing.

Don’t wash clothes that say “Dry Clean Only”.  Do as the label say, “Dry Clean Only”.

Wash whites in hot water.  Wash colors in cold or warm water.

Teach your children how to use the washer and dryer.

Get your children to help with the washing of clothes.

Laundry – It’s a Group Effort


“You are asked to do laundry, cook meals and charge the electric car.”

Dave Riley


“I haven’t done laundry in a while.

This is the last sweatshirt I had, the last pair of jeans I had.”

                                                                                         Sharika Webb






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