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Men – Raised in Single Parent Homes

My Sons – Jamie & Douglas Cruise

Dr. Charles Stanley – Pastor AtlantaGeorgia

Jim Daily – Focus on the Family

Dr. Fred Luter – Pastor / President Southern Baptist Convention

Voddie Bacham – Pastor / Family – Men’s Conference Speaker

Dr. Lavon Gray – LibertyUniversity / Music Director

George Washington – 1st President

Thomas Jefferson – President

Bill Clinton – President

Lance Armstrong – Cyclist

Jimmy Connors – Tennis

Pierce Brosnan – Actor

Eric Clapton – Musician

Stephen Colbert – TV Host

John Lennon – Musician

Eddie Murphy – Actor/Comedian

Jack Nicholson – Actor

Shaquille O’Neal – Basketball Star

Al Pachino – Actor

Alex Rodriguez – Baseball Star

Bill Cosby – Comedian / Actor

Michael Phelps – Olympic Gold Medalist

Alexander Haig, Jr. – Secretary of State

Charles Darwin – Biologist

Let me know of any other men you know of that were raised in a single parent home.

Let me know if you were raised in a single parent home and by which parent.

Children of single parents


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