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Holiday Tips for Single Parents – Tip 13

Holiday Tips for Single Parents - S
Holidays can create anxieties and conflicts for single and divorced parents. The following suggestion may help you better manage and enjoy your holiday season.
Tip #13
Pare down the non-essentials. The very exercise of focusing on the meaningful part of the holidays will also make you aware of the activities which are hardly likely to matter if dropped. If your kids no longer enjoy hosting a cookie party for the neighborhood kids, there is no reason why you should keep doing so just because you used to do it when you were not single. Again, if you feel that this year you want to keep the Christmas decorations to a minimum, choose a smaller tree or consider buying a pre-lit Christmas tree. Just because you have been following certain rituals in the past does not imply that you have to go through them in detail, even when they no longer mean much to you. Doing away with the non-essentials or modifying them to suit present priorities will work wonders in cutting down stress related to holiday expectations.
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