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Holiday Tips for Single Parents – Tip 17

Holiday Tips for Single Parents - S
Holidays can create anxieties and conflicts for single and divorced parents. The following suggestion may help you better manage and enjoy your holiday season.
Tip #17
Put a lid on your budget. The key to surviving the holidays as a single parent is not to overstretch yourself and this holds good for your holiday shopping budget too. Make a list of the people who must have gifts this year and then see how much you can spend comfortably. If there is still some money left, extend the list to those who have not done something particularly great for your family but still are in your thoughts. On no account, you should buy gifts on credit. Don’t give in when kids try to emotionally blackmail you for expensive toys. Say not to their demands firmly but cheerfully and if they are old enough to understand, offer them a choice between a pricey toy and a movie on Christmas afternoon.
To get a free PDF entitled “25 Holiday Tips for Single Parents” go to


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