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God chooses what we go through. We choose how we go through it.

What your kids are thinking?

Become a Super Single Parent

How would you answer these questions to your children?

Do you still love me?

Will you leave me too?

What did I do?

How will we make it?

Will they be coming back?

Why did this happen?

How can I make it right again?

What will my friends think?

Where do I fit in now?

Who is my dad?  Who is my mom?

Are you going to die & leave me also?

Are we a family anymore?

Where do I fit in this divorce?

I don’t like these changes?

Why do I feel this way?  I don’t like it.

Did I cause this to happen?

Are you looking for a new partner?

What do I tell my friends?

Can I still visit my grandparents?


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