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God chooses what we go through. We choose how we go through it.

Father’s Day to Me

I am blessed

A time to remember. Seems like just yesterday.  Doesn’t seem that long ago. The anticipation of a new wee little one on the way. Three little miracles from God have come my way to take care of for my heavenly Father. He has shared and entrusted them to me for a lifetime. Those first diapers to change, that first lonely tooth, that first skinned knee, that first big time date to go on. I remember well each’s first driver’s license, first fender bender, and leaving home for the larger world of a university. Two of the three have found mates for life through their marriages. Three beautiful grandchildren gift’s from God as my reward for protecting and guiding and parenting His first gifts of children to me. Ups and downs we have had.  Jugglers drop things, and so have I. So proud of my children and grandchildren I am. So much love I have for them. Life is about family, it really is. Today, Father’s Day, truly is a blessed day for me.


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