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Today is National Single Parent’s Day

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Today is National Single Parent’s Day – March 21

Just as Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are celebrated each year, so also is National Single Parent’s Day.

Today 42% of all families are Single Parent led families in the U.S. In my state of Mississippi that figure is 52%, the highest in the country. In Atlanta Georgia that figure is 66%.

I was a single parent dad for 15 1/2 years to my 3 children. My wife, Cindy, was a single parent mom for 4 1/2 years to her 3 children. We have been there, done that, worn that t-shirt.

Simply put, it’s a day set aside to honor and applaud the hard work single parents do each and every day in raising their children.

While some may conclude that Single Parent’s Day is just a variation of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, it is actually much more than that. Single Parent’s Day is an opportunity for the children of single parent families to recognize the sacrifices that their parent or both of their parents make to provide for their needs, work with one another, and maintain a stable home environment where the children can thrive.

It is also an opportunity for single parents themselves to celebrate their efforts and achievements.

It is a day to raise awareness about the determination and strength shown by the more than 15 million single parents who are raising children in the U.S. today. It’s a time to applaud the single parents who are up to the task of parenting their children in difficult situations.

If you are a single parent, were raised by a single parent, or have a loved one who is a single parent, be sure to take today aside to make this day a special day for yourself or the single parents in your life.

Single parents deserve your acknowledgment and appreciation.



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