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Split Decisions: Author Fights Divorce Rate Myth

Is it possible, reporters are asking, that everything we’ve been told about marriage and divorce is wrong? Shaunti Feldhahn thinks so. The Harvard-trained researcher spent the last eight years trying to get to the bottom of the data on broken marriages — and the results might shock you. We’ve all heard the statistic that half of all marriages end in divorce. Not so fast, says Feldhahn, who lays out the argument in her new book (The Good News about Marriage) that the actual divorce rate isn’t even close to that number.

Like most sociologists, Shaunti says she’s “stood up on stage and said every one of those wrong statistics.” Now, she’s on a mission to correct those assumptions. If anything, she points out, the divorce rate is dropping. “First-time marriages: probably 20 to 25% have ended in divorce on average,” she explains. “There is no such thing as a 50% divorce rate. It’s never been close. Right now,” she tells Billy Hallowell of The Blaze, “…72% of people are still married to their first spouse — that’s Census Bureau data.”

At the very least, Feldhahn estimates, the divorce rate is 27-50% lower than people think. “Starting in the 1970s — that’s when those projections started — when no fault divorce started, the divorce rate skyrocketed. Suddenly, there was this explosion in divorce… it has fallen according to the crude divorce rate… 32% since 1980.”

What’s more, she says the comparisons between the church and general society are an absolute myth. “The divorce rate dropped by 27% between those who went to church last week.” One of Shaunti’s favorite things is shocking people with the news that 80% of marriages are happy. “The sense of futility itself pulls down marriages. And the problem is we have this culture-wide feeling of futility about marriage. It’s based on all these discouraging beliefs and many of them just aren’t true.” I don’t know about you, but I could use some good news on our culture — and the Good News about Marriage is exactly that!





Follow Me

Follow Me – A Call to Die. A Call to Live. What did Jesus really mean when He said, “Follow Me”.

Is is possible for people to say they believe in Jesus but not be born again? Is it possible for people to claim they have accepted Christ into their hearts yet not actually be Christians?

Not only is it possible, but according to Pastor David Platt, it’s also highly probable.The author of the bestselling book Radical is convinced that many people in our churches today are misled as to what it truly means to be a follower of Christ. Western culture has drained the lifeblood out of Christianity and replaced it with a watered-down version of the gospel that is so palatable it isn’t even real anymore.

A call to die. A call to live. Have you answered that call?

Follow Me by David Platt


The Movie – Heaven is for Real

I read the book. I am going to the movie. Heaven really is for real. Watch the movie or read the book and give me your opinion.

Workbook – Become a Super Single Parent

Now available on our website.

God’s Not Dead – The Movie

A movie for you to go see and also a movie for your children ages 13 to 30. A must see movie. Really, really good. I recommend this movie!


Introducing our New Website & Mobile Site!

Introducing our New Website & Mobile Site!

Its official… They’re finally here.  They’re AWESOME…

We’ve been working on a new, fresh and re-designed website & mobile site for the past month.

We are very excited they are finally here!

It’s with great excitement that we unveil our new website & mobile site to you. Aside from anupdated look, the new website features a powerful new way to sift through our information & resources about single parents and their world, making it easier for you to better understand single parents and their children.

In addition, we’ve added several new sections in order to bring you better/fresher content, update you on new and exciting things happening at JAMES CRUISE MINISTRIES, and share with you fun things we’re up to. We provide links all over the site forquicker access. We think you’ll like the new look and we’re sure you’ll like the improved navigation andfresher information.


New Sections on our Website:


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A Helpful Quick Read for Surviving the Holidays

“Unwrapping the Gift of Stepfamily Peace: A StepParent’s Guide to Success” by Heather Hetchler & Gayla Grace

Holidays are best celebrated with family and friends. No matter what your family and friends now look like. This book, by Heather Hetchler & Gayla Grace is just what the doctor ordered for you if you are a single parent or living in a step-family these holidays. Give it a read, I did and it gave me a wonderful and insightful perspective as how to work my way through the holidays. Available as a Kindle E-Book for just $2.99 from Amazon.


Today is National Adoption Day

November is National Adoption Month. 
November 17th is National Adoption Day.

Adoption is all about celebrating a Family for Every Child.
Every child needs a family.
Every child should have a family.
A family to call their own.
A family that loves them.
A family for them to love.
A family to be a valuable part of.
Yes, adoption is all about celebrating a family for every child!
NAD Letterhead 1

Recommended Book – Divorce

Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends by Dr. Bruce Fisher

“How does he know exactly what I’m feeling?”

That’s what most readers say about Rebuilding. If you’re hurting after a divorce, you need this supportive step-by-step program for putting your life back together. This book offers just the right balance of shoulder-to-cry and kick-in-the-pants to help you get through the confusing and often – painful process of divorce.

rebuilding when

Men’s Conference – Jackson,MS

This coming weekend…..
ATTENTION: Men, husbands, fathers, sons, grandfathers, & single parent dads who live in the Jackson, Mississippi area. You absolutely want to know about the upcoming Men’s Conference on Friday, April 19 – 6:00PM-9:00PM & Saturday, April 20 – 9:00AM-12:00PM. Sponsored by First Baptist Church Jackson. Cost:$10 –  Box supper is provided with admission. Speaker: Voddie Baucham  You can Register online at www.fbcj.org  For questions call Don Waller at 601-946-1290

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