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God chooses what we go through. We choose how we go through it.

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To all you Moms, you are special and loved, no matter your family shape or size…

Happy Mother's Day - Ministry

Hear Us… Forgive Us… Heal Us! O Lord…


Jesus rose from the dead to show all that he truly was/is the Son of God…

He is Risen - Easter

GOOD FRIDAY – A day for all humanity

Good Friday - My sin

God and You and Your Children

SLIDE - Single Parent Tip -God

Single Parent’s Survival Guide

SLIDE - Buy Single Parent Workbook

With God & the Bible

George Washington 2016

Happy Father’s Day

Father's Day 2016

1/3 of Today’s Weddings

SLIDE - Did you know - one third

Happy Mother’s Day – You are appreciated & loved…

SLIDE - A TEMPLATE - Single Parent Tip

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