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Ex Spouse Day is observed annually on April 14th.  This day recognizes one’s ex spouse. National Ex-Spouse Day

The question has been asked as to why would one want to celebrate their Ex??  We are not sure there is a good answer to that question.

For a wide variety of reasons, sometimes marriages just do not work out.  Recent statistics show that the divorce rate for first marriages is at 50 percent.  Some people find that they actually get along better after a divorce than they did during the marriage.  Unfortunately, all divorces do not turn out that friendly and can the experience can be very painful and traumatic.

Regardless if it is a friendly separation or not, there needs to be a way to manage the situation when children are involved. After a divorce or separation it is now all about parenting the children. It is all about taking the high road in your interaction with your ex spouse.

National Ex Spouse Day is meant to be a day of reflection and to encourage ex spouses to release anger or resentment.


National Ex Spouse Day was created in 1987 by Reverend Ronald Coleman of Kansas City, Mo.


You Both Are Your Children’s Parents

SLIDE - Single Parent Tip -Yourself

Holiday Tips for Single Parents – Tip 5

Holiday Tips for Single Parents
Holidays can create anxieties and conflicts for single and divorced parents. The following suggestion may help you better manage and enjoy your holiday season.
Tip #5
Set Boundaries. Precisely explain to your family and friends what you are capable of doing this year, and what you aren’t. Don’t let others guilt you into taking on more than you can handle.
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The Loss of a Love

“The Loss of a love is not nearly as painful as our resistance to accepting it is.”


Happy Mother’s Day

All Mothers, Just Different Situations

There are many types of Mothers: traditional, widowed, divorced, step, unwed, foster, adoptive & grandmothers acting as mothers for their grand kids. All are Mothers, just different situations. Being a Mother is a tough job. Being a Mother is a loving job, Being a Mother is a rewarding job, Being a Mother is a blessing sent from God. Today is your day Mom – no matter what family situation you find yourself in. You are loved. Today we say a big “Thank You” for all you do in your children’s lives. Happy Mother’s Day…

mothers day

Loving Your Stepfamily

Loving Your Stepfamily by Dr. Donald R. Partridge

The Art of Making Your Blending Family Work

An unbelievably MUST READ book for those in Step-families & Blending families. Learn what makes and breaks these types of families. If you are not in one of these types of families but know someone who is, pass this book on to them.

Loving My Stepfamily

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