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God does good work!

SLIDE - An open letter to pastors mother's day


You Both Are Your Children’s Parents

SLIDE - Single Parent Tip -Yourself

Become a Super Single Parent

Will Be Interviewed on American Family Radio


I will be interviewed live on American Family Radio (AFR) TODAY’S ISSUES hosted by Tim Wildmon on Tuesday July 28 at 11:10 AM CDT talking about single parents and my ministry. Hope you can tune in! If not, you can visit the AFR site afterwards and listen to it at your convenience. http://www.afr.net/afr-talk/todays-issues/

Men Who Were Raised in Single Parent Homes

My Sons – Jamie & Douglas Cruise

Dr. Charles Stanley – Pastor Atlanta Georgia

Jim Daily – Focus on the Family

Dr. Fred Luter – Pastor / President Southern Baptist Convention

Voddie Bacham – Pastor / Family – Men’s Conference Speaker

Dr. Lavon Gray – Liberty University / Music Director

George Washington – 1st President

Thomas Jefferson – President

Bill Clinton – President

Lance Armstrong – Cyclist

Jimmy Connors – Tennis

Pierce Brosnan – Actor

Eric Clapton – Musician

Stephen Colbert – TV Host

John Lennon – Musician

Eddie Murphy – Actor/Comedian

Jack Nicholson – Actor

Shaquille O’Neal – Basketball Star

Al Pachino – Actor

Alex Rodriguez – Baseball Star

Bill Cosby – Comedian / Actor

Michael Phelps – Olympic Gold Medalist

Alexander Haig, Jr. – Secretary of State

Charles Darwin – Biologist

Let me know of any other men you know of that were raised in a single parent home.

Let me know if you were raised in a single parent home and by which parent.


You are a Star

Become a Super Single Parent

Surviving Tough Times

In the Bible it says that you are made in the image of God and that He even knows the number of hairs on your head. No matter what event or events have happened to you in life you are still special, very special. You are not defined by the events in your life but by who you are. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Friends Are Like Bras…

Become a Super Single Parent

“Friends are like bras: close to your heart and there for support.”

Don’t try to go it alone in this world. We weren’t made to go it alone.

Seek the Support of others…

Friends, single or married



Your children


Your church

Your best friend

A mentor

A qualified counselor



Become a Super Single Parent

As a Single Parent your children will want and need more of your time, when you least have it. You must find time for them. Quality time. Individual time. Group time. Fun time. Your love to them is spelled T-I-M-E.

All You Involved Dads & Father Figures

Happy Father’s Day to all of the men (fathers / single parent dads / stepdads / grandfathers / uncles / pastors / mentors) who have invested in the lives of your children and loved ones. You are appreciated!

You Can’t Go It Alone

Become a Super Single Parent

You won’t make it as a single parent going it alone.  You must accept help from those around you. They want to help. Just let them know what you need their help with.  They can’t help you if they don’t know what you need.  Yes, it’s really OK to ask for help; in fact it’s required to make it as a single parent. So, what are you waiting for, get to it. Go let others know what your needs are…

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