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1/3 of Today’s Weddings

SLIDE - Did you know - one third


It Takes 7 Years…

SLIDE - Stepfamily Tip - 7 years

Family Isn’t…

A TEMPLATE - Slide - Step Family TIP - Blood

A Perfect Marriage is…

SLIDE - Marriage Tip Perfect Marriage

Choosing a Marriage Partner

A TEMPLATE - Slide - Step Family TIP Ron deal

Woven Together by Choice

A TEMPLATE - Slide - Step Family TIP Woven

You Can Make It As a Stepfamily

SLIDE - Step Family Tip - Us

Your Children’s Other Parent…

Slide - Other Parent- Stepfamily Tip

Today is National Stepfamily Day

Nationally, 40% of couples with children are step-couples and 100 million people in the US have a step-relationship of some kind.  Happy National Stepfamily Day to all you Blending, Blended or Stepfamilies.


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